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About us

Since 1986 Tim Beringer, owner of Beringer Fine Homes, infuses a level of elegant living, innovation and superior craftsmanship that can be seen in each of his one of a kind luxury homes. Attention to detail, perception, and communication are necessary to convey a home perfectly. Tim simply states “Our goal is to make homebuilding a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone - that’s the way it should be”.

Uncompromising Quality

We are the valley's premier builder of one of a kind luxury homes,
handling all aspects of homebuilding

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Our Services

"The world is my canvas." When it comes to home building it can be said that a home site is a builders canvas. Stocked with a pallet of seemingly endless selection of special finishes and construction materials such as antiques, exotic fabrics, and appealing finishes to create beautiful textures, colors, and shapes. We are known to be a boutique builder handling all aspects of homebuilding from land acquisition, architecture and design, construction and project management to interiors and furnishings.

Keystone Philosophy

The Roman Keystone in the logo of Beringer Fine Homes represents strength and completeness. This keystone is used at the apex of an arch allowing the entire archway to bear weight and become complete. Without it the arch would simply not be complete.

Using the Roman Keystone philosophy in Beringer Fine Homes complete team of artisans and craftsmen, we work to embody your creative vision through design, architecture, and interior design concepts, to completion of outstanding architecture—just as the keystone unifies the arch.

Our Communities

Choose your personal and exclusive resort-style wish list from these communities.

Arizona Luxury Communities

Building for those who long to live in a place of beauty with extraordinary character and appeal

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We at Beringer Fines Homes want to help by providing you information in considering your future resort lifestyle home. Please contact us at at any of the options below:

Beringer Fine Homes

Market Street Commons@DC Ranch
20865 N. 90th Place
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