"The World is My Canvas" | Beringer Fine Homes


The statement has been made “The world is my canvas”. When it comes to home building it can be said that a home site is a builders canvas. Stocked with a pallet of seemingly endless selection of special finishes and construction materials such as antiques, exotic fabrics, and appealing finishes to create beautiful textures, colors, and shapes.

Finishes available today range from antique tiles, beams & flooring. Many exotic and alluring materials from far away lands can be incorporated into a home, such as vintage lumber, Roman marble, and other European finishes.

Specialized materials fused with today’s advanced electronics & equipment can turn a home site into a one-of-a-kind luxury home. It can bring a homeowner delight, calmness, and can transport us the moment we walk into a room.

Today’s home can be termed the “smart home”. Technology is now limited only by the imagination. Owners can now set a “scene” with the touch of one button. Adjusting lights, temperature, and ambient music, automatic starting fireplaces, adjust drapes for shade, & heat the spa to a preset level. This can be preprogrammed or simply set at the moment you walk through the door.

Comfort, ease, and pure relaxation to sooth the soul, delight the heart, and stimulate the mind is the world that can be created in your home.

What a Homebuilder Should Be:

The homebuilder has a special trust to discern a clients interests, lifestyle, personality, and desires and infuse these elements into a home to reflect individual beings. Attention to detail, perception, and communication are necessary to convey a home perfectly.

A homebuilder will use superb craftsmen, artisans, and designers to form the basis of spectacular architecture, and conclude with amazing design details.

How Beringer Fine Homes Meet These:

Beringer Fine Homes values this reverence of quality. It’s not just a construction of wood, tile, and beams—it is a piece of art, a sculpture, a gallery of one’s life. Building since 1986, Beringer Fine Homes incorporates these state of the art features as well as old world finishes that create an unmatched sense of comfort & ambiance. Drawing upon a large resource of exceptional people, Beringer Fine Homes creates incredible and bold concepts and makes them reality.

Using the Roman keystone philosophy in their design, architecture, and interior design concepts, Beringer Fine Homes works to embody your dreams and visions, with outstanding architecture. Drawing together all elements for the creation of your home, Beringer Fine Homes is able to make the most of all resources, and be the uniting force for perfecting your dreams.

“An interior is a reflection of the soul”  and with experienced, imaginative, and creative artists of Beringer Fine Homes, we strive to reflect what’s important to you. With a licensed Interior Designer, on staff, to guide you through all the details, from construction textures to the choices of color palates, it is just one of the elements for superior design, communication, and revealing the many choices available to you. Working with the designers, it opens up options, and matches them to you and your family, so you’re not overwhelmed.

Working together using these design professionals, artisans & craftsmen, as a Project Team, we strive to build beyond your dreams.

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