Italian Style Home | Beringer Fine Homes
Italian Courtyard Entrance
Beautiful Stone Wall and Mirror
An Elegant Washroom
Candela Dining
Europen Influenced Hallway
Striking Features of Stone and Wood
Natural Stonework Hallway
A Magnificent View
An Inviting and Spacious Kitchen
Garden Walkway
Impressive Front
Natural Firepit Patio
Overlooking a Fairway View
Brick Ceiling and Elaborate Soaking Tub
Dining with an Outdoor Fireplace
Informal Friendly Atmosphere and Fireplace


Italian architecture style encompasses the classical historical buildings of the Renaissance through the villas and grand estates of the ruling nobility. Some of the defining features of this enduring style are stone balustrades, smooth plaster walls, ornately-carved stone window trims, arched openings, and the use of columns.